Yin Yang Yoga :: Your Center For Wellness, Yoga, & Drumming
Yin Yang Yoga :: Your Center For Wellness, Yoga, & Drumming
Yoga Privates, Drum Circles, & Wellness Coaching with Becca Cummings (YogaBex)
 Yoga Privates, Drum Circles, & Wellness Coaching with Becca Cummings (YogaBex)

Here's what people are sayinG...


"I always leave Becca's classes feeling great. Her instruction is geared toward safety, strength, flexibility, higher consciousness and connecting to the self. It is exercise and meditation and leaves you feeling grounded, sane and with wings."



“The most significant overall change I have noticed since working with Becca is more inner peace.”



“Becca is a compassionate loving soul who has the ability to connect in a powerful way with people of any age, ability, need. She brings unconditional love to everyone.”



“I whole-heartedly recommend Becca to anyone! Her expertise and support can open new horizons for you.”



“Becca was able to help me work toward my goals by providing info/resources to balance all aspects of my wellness.”



“Becca is informative, creative, and positive. I would recommend Becca to people wanting to break some “bad” patterns/habits.”



“I would recommend Becca to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed either by physical issues or by life stress. Her suggestions on healthy eating, exercise, and self-exploration are all very valuable, and they are tools I will keep and use today and in the future.”