Yin Yang Yoga

Imagine what your life would be like if you had more energy and experienced inner peace on a regular basis. Yin Yang Yoga offers you ways to do just that, through yoga, drumming, and holistic health coaching with Becca Cummings.

BREATHE: Reduce stress and improve your sense of well-being through yoga, which is the art of living consciously based on the science of self-knowledge.

PLAY: African-style hand drumming is a powerful sensory experience that reduces stress and improves your mood: if you’ve got a heartbeat, you’ve got rhythm!

CONNECT: By looking at everything in your life as food, you can discover ways to reduce cravings, redirect the energy of addiction, cultivate healthy habits, and improve your overall wellness.

The offerings at Yin Yang Yoga can help you feel more peaceful, have more energy, and live more authentically. Isn’t it time for you to feel your best physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

Want to join our drum circle, sample the best-tasting superfoods on the planet, feel better in your skin, or find your way through a dark night of the soul? Becca Cummings excels at holding space for others as they release the need to be perfect, embrace their own authenticity, and find inspiration to share their gifts with the world. She offers private yoga lessons, group drum circles (available for workplace wellness & birthday parties), and one-on-one wellness coaching. Please contact her today for pricing and availability.




Becca Cummings is an experienced registered yoga teacher (ERYT-500) with over 2600 hours of yoga teaching experience. After digging dinosaurs for 20 years, Becca retired from paleontology and opened Yin Yang Yoga in Choteau, Montana. She is fond of saying that her focus shifted from the past (fossils) to the present (yoga). While enrolled in Nancy Ruby’s YogaMotion Teacher Training in 2009, she was diagnosed with precancerous leukemia as well as several other life-threatening diseases. Her daily yoga practice quickly became an essential part of her healing journey, and she remains cancer-free. Becca’s personal practice includes mindful breath-based movement and music.

Becca has a relaxing tone of voice, offers excellent verbal cues, and creates well-rounded sequences. She is good at meeting people wherever they are at in their practice, and feels comfortable suggesting modifications. Her offerings are centered upon gratitude, mindfulness, and visualization. Since 2009, she has taught a wide variety of classes to a broad range of ages and abilities, spanning the realms of hatha yoga, yin yoga, vinyasa-style yoga, chair yoga, restorative yoga, yoga for tweens and teens, and yoga for kids. In addition to offering yoga classes, workshops, retreats, and privates, she also facilitates drum circles and is a classically trained musician. Becca strives to embody a space that is both light-hearted and sacred, and lead practices that are challenging yet safe. In 2016, she moved her studio to Austin, Texas, where she lives with her soulmate Wes, their numerous drums, and their animals Roscoe, Sister, Phantom, and Kodachrome, who love to make cameo appearances in her online yoga videos.


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