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Superfoods = Supermoods

In 2007, while living as a high-functioning addict, I got very close to taking my own life. I was in a perfect storm created by substance abuse and a genetic predisposition for depression. I had quit drinking alcohol, but was smoking a lot of weed. I loved the immediate relaxed euphoria that marijuana gave me, as well as the surge of creativity I felt when I got high. But what goes up, must come down. And eventually, the cost of the highs became even lower lows. Although I had previously experienced some depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), this darkness was much worse. I found myself looking down into an abyss that had consumed several of my ancestors through mental illness and suicide. 

What supports me in choosing sobriety every day? Clean, green superfood nutrition, an attitude of gratitude, daily awareness practices such as yoga and meditation, time with family, friends, and pets, listening to and playing music, and love, love, love. My mind feels clear, my moods are stable, and my energy is more balanced. I choose sobriety again and again so that I may be a clear channel for the divine, empowering myself and inspiring others to live in harmony with the greater whole of life.

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