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The more consistently you practice yoga, the more it benefits you on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. A great way to become more consistent with your practice, is to do a little something every day. Not sure what to do? Practice with YogaBex in our Virtual Studio!

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Wellness Within


Organic Superfoods

Looking for a way to eat organic and save money on groceries? These Superfoods give us Supermoods & keep our Superpowers flowing. You too can be a SuperHero / SuperShero! Sleep better, burn fat, build muscle, and have the energy you need to Save The Planet. To really Activate to Awesome, we recommend starting with the 40-Day Ultimate Nutrition pack. Use the Gift Card Code YOGABEX and receive >$100 off!


Drum Circle & Superfoods Social

  • Sample the best-tasting superfoods on the planet

  • Learn about a dangerous toxin in our food system

  • Experience the joy of drumming

  • Make some new friends!

We are on a mission to improve people's quality of life through superfood nutrition, yoga, meditation, music, holistic health, and community. Your first nutrients are delivered to you in the womb, and your sense of rhythm begins there too with your mother's heartbeat. Did you know that drumming is an ancient form of meditation, communication, and celebration? Playing in a drum circle is a social activity that enhances interpersonal connectivity, improves non-verbal communication, and builds community. Playing a drum also reduces stress, elevates feelings of well-being, improves brain functions, and is FUN.

And we could all probably stand to have a little more fun in our lives. Especially given the compromised nature of our food system.

Have you heard of glyphosate? It's an ingredient in the weedkiller Roundup manufactured by Monsanto (now Bayer), which is used on "Roundup-ready" genetically modified crops. It's also used to kill weeds in parks and on school playgrounds. Glyphosate is toxic and causes cancer. Its increased use is correlated to an increase in numerous different diseases and disorders. Even newborn babies are testing positive for glyphosate. At this point, our exposure to glyphosate is constant and unavoidable.

We'll share more info about this issue as well as a solution. Our Superfoods Revolution is at the leading edge of not only helping people eat cleaner and greener, but also helping heal Mother Earth through sustainable, organic farming practices that have a very low carbon footprint.


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Whether you are facing a significant health challenge, needing to release self-destructive behaviors, or wanting to learn effective mind-body practices, I am here to serve as your conscientious guide. Namaste!


Becca Cummings excels at holding space for others as they transform into living a more joyful, authentic, creative life. She offers private yoga lessons, group drum circles, and one-on-one wellness coaching. Are you interested in experiencing more inner peace, reducing cravings, releasing addiction, becoming consistent with self-care, or improving your overall wellness?

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